Why is data important?

Metering data gives you the power to make timely and informed decisions for you and your customers. Accurate and 24/7 access to energy data paints a valuable picture of energy consumption and allows for improved energy and cost management and reporting.

Our standard service delivers meter data to you and the electricity market the following day. We can also provide more frequent data based on your business’ needs.

Accessing your Data

At Powermetric, we make accessing data as simple as possible.

  • Customer portal: easy access to your visualised energy data and tailored reporting.
  • Daily data forwarding: choose to receive daily data forwarding for timely and simple access.
  • Modbus Connection: allows your Building Management System (BMS) or SCADA system to access real time meter data, via a hard wired Modbus connection directly from the meter. Power quality data may also be access via this method.
  • Pulse Output Connection: allows your Building Management System (BMS) or SCADA system to receive pulse outputs directly from the meter, via hard wired connections.
  • Power Quality Data: access power quality data such as voltage, current, power factor and harmonic distortion on a 5 minute basis, upon request. This type of data is suitable for customers who are investigating systems or equipment failures suspected of being caused by Network Distribution or site issues.
  • Near Real Time Data: access 5 minute meter data at 5 minute intervals. This allows you to make near real time energy management decisions, as well as access power quality data. This type of data may be suitable for customers who run Demand Response programs.

A portal to all your data.

Powermetric’s customer portal, Energy Profiler, is a tailored product developed by our in-house team. We offer dedicated account management and will provide training and resources to make your experiences on the portal straight-forward and valuable.

This subscription-based service lets you:

  • View energy use at a glance for the last seven days, the month-to-date, last month and last 12 months.
  • Run reports on your energy use to see how it changes over time.
  • Export key reports to CSV format to perform additional analysis.

With this information you can:

  • Monitor your energy use and make changes to reduce consumption.
  • Reduce your risk of increasing peak demand.
  • Review your electricity contracts and ensure they are the best value for your usage patterns.