Products & Services

Get the meter and the service you need.

When you choose us as your service provider, we’ll work with you to determine which of our meters will give you the information you need.

All of our meters have large data storage and the ability to be upgraded as new advancements are available.

Download the meter specifications for more detail:

Expert service when you need it


We expertly install type 2-4 interval meters for commercial and industrial users.

Each meter is 3G enabled to ensure reliable data transmission. Generally, you will not lose power while the installation is taking place. In circumstances where it is necessary, we co-ordinate any works to minimise disruption to your business.


Powermetric will connect the meter and test the reliability of the hardware and the meter’s data transmission to your electricity provider.


We provide remote reading and automatic data transmission to retailers and/or customers. You can access your information at any time through our online portal, Energy Profiler.

Energy Profiler

Information is power

Energy Profiler is our online portal, which gives our customers all the information they need about their energy usage. This subscription-based service lets you:

  • See your energy usage at a glance for the last 7 days, the Month-to-date, Last Month and Last 12 Months.
  • Run reports on your energy usage to see how it changes over time.
  • Export key reports to CSV format to perform additional analysis.

With this information, you can:

  • Monitor your energy usage and make changes to reduce consumption.
  • Reduce your risk of increasing peak demand.
  • Review your electricity contracts and ensure they are the best value for your usage patterns.

The cost for this service will vary based on how many users your business requires. Call us on 1800 799 992 or contact us to find out how Energy Profiler could help you take control of your business energy usage.

Peak demand alerts

Set up alerts to notify you when your usage is close to your peak demand.

Peak demand is key to determining the electricity network charges you pay. An increase in your peak demand figure may increase your overall bill for years to come. Set up your alert to help you avoid costly price increases.

Sustainability reporting with Greensense

Powermetric is proud to partner with Greensense to provide our customers with another level of insight into their energy usage.

Greensense View® sustainability software provides detailed insights into exactly where you’re using your energy. Use this information to see where it might be possible to make savings without affecting your business operations.

Find out more about Greensense.